5 Companies FromFlorida Worth Investing In

Ranking of companies in terms of which is best to invest in is a worthwhile exercise since it guides investors on the best to choose in the market. Investors rate a company as the best if they derive maximum benefits from the money they invest. Florida is a state that has many companies, and almost all of them are goof in terms of investing in. However, there are those that stand out from the rest since the return on investment is comparably high. This article will just discuss the best five but the order is not of importance.


Edward Jones & Fidelity Investments

These two companies are said to offer the best customer service in the industry of investment. This is according to a rating that was delivered by the Temkin Experience Ratings. This is customer experience exercise that is done annually and it involves 10,000 customers of the United States. Edward Jones and Fidelity each received a score of 64%. This was the best in the market. Fidelity has maintained this position for the third year in a row, but Edward Jones came from the middle and pushed its way up. The two companies deliver impressive customer service experience in the investment industry.

Charles Schwab & Co. & Wells Fargo Advisors

These two companies are share brokers and investment advisors. Both ranked well in the customer service survey that was done. They both managed 62%. Interesting to note is that they have a flat fee structure. This means that they charge same base fee regardless of the number of shares you trade. The fee for both is $8.95. They serve customers extremely well in terms of broker expectations, account requirements, and trading habits. Their stock fair well at the stock market, they are nice companies for beginners, and they have excellent online services.

Raymond James

This is a holding company that has diverse services. Its services are focused on individuals, municipalities, and corporations. The company has excellent service to customers and its clients have exuding confidence on the kind of service that they receive. Raymond James Financial got a score of 60% in terms of investor confidence.


Ameriprise Financial

This is a company that uses its subsidiaries to offer diversified financial services to its clients. Some of the services that Ameriprise financial offers include estate planning, wealth management, insurance, financial planning, and annuities among others. It is rated among the top twenty five largest asset managers in the entire world. It also offers the services of retirement planning for the citizens of the United States. When the Temkin group did the survey, Ameriprise financial managed to garner a score of 57%.

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

The bank of America has Merrill Lynch Wealth Management as its wealth management division. Its headquarters are in New York City. The four world financial center building has 34 stories and all are occupied by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. The company has over 15,000 staffs and it is charged with managing client assets worth over $2.2 trillion. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management managed to score 60% in the survey.

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