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Florida is a state that has so much potential and growth.  It is a great place to live, work and invest. The opportunities in this great state keep growing. Besides the beautiful weather, great recreation opportunities and many job opportunities, Florida is also a great place to invest.  There are many great companies that have invested in Florida and come to the state due to its amazing infrastructure and Business friendly environment.  My goal in this blog is to discuss the various business investment opportunities and discuss what to look for when investing.  I will highlight some areas of Florida that are particularly good for investing in as well as discussing some of the businesses that have located there.


Florida has a very business friendly environment. It is built for business from the government on down. They prioritize business needs in their tax code and decisions they make. There is a very large market for businesses to market to. There are over 19 million residents and 97 million tourists that come to the state every year. This is a great opportunity for many businesses. Florida is strategically located for global markets. It offers great transportation options for people and goods. Whether you use road, rail, or sea Florida has the infrastructure to move things quickly and seamlessly. With its 19 million residents, Florida has a large workforce ready to support any growing company. The workforce is the 4th largest in the United States.


Florida has a lot of diversity and world class business amenities to help support a large business and investor. Florida’s economy is the 3rd largest of all the states in the U.S.  Its location close to Latin America makes Florida well positioned to have Latin – American Headquarters. The Universities act as a great resource for expanding companies looking for young talent and energy.  There are many companies that base their warehouses and hubs in Florida due to its strategically advantageous location for a global market. This makes it a great place for companies who work with other companies to complete their products.  The land and labor for companies is much more inexpensive when compared with other parts of the country.


The Tax Structure in Florida is very helpful for businesses and its workers. There are many tax exemptions and no state personal income tax.  This helps businesses succeed and its workers are in a better place due to other lack of personal income tax.  The state offers resources for growing businesses to help them succeed.


In addition to be a great place for businesses to invest and grow, Florida is a great place for an individual to invest in real estate. There are some great markets to consider when investing in Florida. In this blog I will discuss some possibilities as well as some considerations when investing in real estate.


I look forward to sharing all the great possibilities for the investor and business owner in Florida. Please leave a comment if you have any questions about investing or moving your business to Florida.