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If your interest has been investing in Florida, you must have gone to the step of searching what the internet says about the investment climate in Florida. The competition in the current global market is a real challenge. You should not have a challenge in deciding where your business will be located. The environment that Florida offers for business is friendly; it has cutthroat costs, rationalized policies, a talented workforce to propel your company, and a worldwide entrée. Several companies that have made the city a hub of their operations can attest to the highlighted advantages and the stupendous quality of life. Welcome to Florida and take a closer look before making your final verdict.

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Statewide assurance

The leaders in government are in the process of making the city of Florida the best state for doing business. The governor of Florida, Scott, has focused his attention on reduction of taxes, restructuring the policy environment, and enhancing the education sector so as to satisfy business needs.

Business climate

In all the states of the U.S., Florida is ranked as second best for doing business and investment. The state offers motivations for creating jobs accelerated licensing, friendly costs, capacity building on investment, and a tax structure that favors the business community.

Industry leadership

In terms of high-tech establishments in the United States, Florida is ranked as position three of all the states in the U.S. Significant and growing industries are situated in the state of Florida such InfoTech, Logistics & Distribution, Homeland Security, Cleantech, Manufacturing, and Life Sciences among others.

Work force talent

The U.S chamber of commerce ranks the work force at Florida as the best in the United States. In terms of education, the city is ranked among the top ten states that offer quality education in business. Moreover, Florida is ranked as position five as far as high-tech employment is concerned.

Global Hub

The strategic positioning of Florida has made it rank as a hub of economics for the Americans. It well positioned geographically, it is stable politically, and the work force is multilingual and multicultural.

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Multi-modal infrastructure

The multi-modal infrastructure in Florida is one of the most extensive in the world. It features among others 19 commercial airports, all-embracing railway network and highways, more than 14 deepwater seaports. Moreover, Florida has three spaceports. Two of the spaceports are among the 8 United States licensed spaceports. The state is wired for success literally. There are multiple hubs in the state that support data transmission at high speed from anywhere in the U.S to areas such as Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

Innovative R &D

Several innovative companies, research institutions, and renowned universities have made Florida their home. They include Moffitt, Scripps, Florida Solar Energy Center, Torrey Pines, Draper Labs and Max Planck among others. In the field of research and development, the state records investment of over $7 billion dollars every year.

Florida is investment friendly for anyone who wishes to succeed in business. There are little or no barriers placed for investors hence success is assured.

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